EM Electrical Services Limited has been in existence for over 34 years, with experience in all types of electrical installations, retrofits and day to day services. Our firm holds approximately 12 certified electricians which have many years of experience in the electrical field.

Our firm manages the project in a professional and orderly fashion. We abide by a certain technique which follows for any job that commences no matter what size the project is. Such practices would involve daily meetings with the foreman (superintendents) on site. To discuss certain programs for the day, and at the end of the day our superintendent would check back to us to confirm status of the job, and explain if there are any difficulties or corrections to be made.

Our company has a policy to conduct site meetings which involve both contractor and customer. Which allow both parties to discuss any changes, or suggestions, discrepancies, and the progress of the job.

Another standard practice for our company is to order material ahead of time to avoid hold ups on the job. Every job conducted by our company is completed 100% as per plans and specifications. If any deficiencies are to follow, we will rectify in a swift and prompt matter.

During the past 34 years our firm has completed various projects with the City of Toronto, City of Brampton, City of Richmond Hill, government and school boards such as new industrial/commercial buildings, schools, churches, historical installations and renovations.

We hope this information is adequate for you to consider our firm to qualify to bid on the projects which will be out for tender.

Note: Our firm is Bondable and is fully covered by Workers Compensation.